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Guiding you to the best version of yourself. My goal is to share my experience and passion to leave a lasting impact on your daily life.

Taylor Ellis

Certified Personal Trainer

I have a passion to help individuals reach their goals in a healthy, sustainable, and enjoyable way. For many years, my life has been dedicated to researching all there is to know about training and nutrition. I hope to share my experience and knowledge with many of you who are looking to achieve their goal physique, whether it is to build muscle, lose weight, or increase overall health. I want to help you become the best you possible.

What my clients say

I want to work with you! It’s more than just the number on the scale. Working together revolves around changing your mindset to live a sustainable life. 

"Working with Taylor has been one of the best things for my progress mentally and physically. She was willing to work with me through an injury and was always so supportive. She is there for you not just to grow your physical self whether waitlists or muscle gain, but she really helps teach you and change your mindset to grow in to a sustainable life. My relationship with food has grown so much, and dealing with food is just so less stressful it’s amazing."
Kimberly Shaffer

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