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Apply for my one on one coaching! This is a 12 week training and nutrition coaching with customized training plan and macronutrient goals. Check out some of the testimonials below!

One on One coaching

12 week training and nutrition coaching
Customized training program
Customized macronutrient goals
How to track macros guide
Weekly check-ins and updates
Private Facebook community
Weekly Facebook lives given by me
Unlimited e-mail and text support

There was a point in my life where I was unmotivated and felt like I was doing everything I could to lose weight/gain muscle. I decided to check out the Instagram fitness community and made my own Instagram to hold myself accountable. I followed so many fitness accounts, including Taylor’s. I loved her posts and thought she was extremely motivating and down to earth. I took a leap of faith and reached out to her regarding a nutrition and training program. She emailed back so quickly and explained her program. She created the training program to fit my needs as well as the equipment I had available at my apartment gym. I did a 3 day split because I started going to a crossfit gym on the other 3 days. She also calculated my macros for me. To be honest I was so scared to eat so many calories (almost 2,000), but I trusted Taylor and went with it. Taylor was always so positive in her email responses when I checked in with her. Sometimes I would tell her that I didn’t hit my macros as well a certain week, and her responses would always be so positive. It kept me motivated to do better each week. She also would give me workouts that I could do if I was on vacation and did not have a fitness center! 8 weeks later (2 different training and nutrition programs with Taylor) I feel incredible. I’ve made so much progress in just 8 weeks of weight lifting and eating to fuel my body. I am so thankful for Taylor and I am so glad I decided to reach out to her. It was the best decision I’ve ever made in my life!



For years I have never been one to like going to the gym and working out but once I started working out with Taylor and receiving her workouts I really grew more fond of working out. After three weeks I really started seeing progress in my body which made me more interested in going to the gym. I am so happy to have started working out with Taylor and am so happy with the progress that I made with her workouts.



My whole mental state and attitude has readjusted for the best. I am so determined to not go back to my old ways as I have put so much into these last 12 weeks with you as my coach. 
I couldn’t have asked for anyone more understanding and supportive. I am so grateful for you.


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